Trans-Siberian Railway
China Railway Express

Transportation via container train is the cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to shipping by sea or plane. We have been dedicated to this type of transportation for years and can therefore rely on profound expert knowledge. Whether with the Trans-Siberian Railway or the China Railway Express, transport by container train is always the optimal interface between air freight and sea freight. The benefits: Shorter transit times compared to sea freight and significant cost savings compared to air freight. In addition, container trains are considered very environmentally friendly, keeping CO2 emissions significantly lower than with any other means of transportation. Even bulky or extravagant goods will not pose a problem for us, as we are able to provide or even procure special equipment to guarantee quick, easy and cost-efficient transportation. Of course, we are more than happy to consult with you and put together an individual offer.


Trans-Siberian Railway

Being created in the second half of the 19th century, the Trans-Siberian Railway was intended to serve as a bridge between continents. Transport by rail is still one of the lesser used means of transportation but has several advantages to offer: Exports to China take about two weeks, meaning only half of the time your shipment would need by sea freight. The railway has a travelling speed of about 120 km/h. Although an airplane is much faster (about two days), but considerably more expensive and cannot keep up with the train in terms of possible overall capacity. All in all, the Trans-Siberian Railway combines the advantages of both sea- and air-freight - with no considerable disadvantages.

If you have any questions about departure times, possible routes or price and general procedure, please don’t hesitate to call us at any time!

China Railway Express

The China Railway Express - or CRE for short - is also known as the "new Eurasian land bridge". The railway connects China with Europe. The first train set off on May 19, 2011, so the track is still relatively young. At that time, it went from Chongqing in China to Duisburg in Germany. Both destinations are still approached today, but as of today, there is a considerably more options when it comes to destination- and departure- stations.

Three different routes are available:

  • West Line: China (Alashankou / Horgos) - Xianjiang in northwest China *
  • Central Line: China (Erenhot), Inner Mongolia on the northern border *
  • East Line: China (Manzhouli), Inner Mongolia on the northeastern border of China *

* The destinations always describe the point on the map at which China exited or entered.

The West Line is the shortest route to Europe and therefore the fastest, while the route to Russia is covered the fastest by the East Line.

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Next to handling sea freight, we are also able to be calling ourselves experts when it comes to shipping by rail. No matter which way your wares are going to take, our network guarantees perfect planning and reliable processing with full cost control. Thanks to a wide range of special equipment and partners in all parts of the world, we can handle even extraordinary requests. Do not hesitate to contact us or send us an email!

What we offer:

  • Special Equipment (High Cube Hard Top, Reefer Container)
  • LCL shipments
  • General cargo
  • Several departures a week
  • Preparation of bank-compliant lading bills
  • GP installation